Photo Contest

Creating Smart Cities to Help Build the Future


Welcome to the official launch of the 24th PAQS Congress Digital Photo Competition. The competition will run from January 2021 to August 2021, and will be subdivided into three themes:

  • Mobility: the ‘new normal’ has escalated the need to enhance mobility within the built environment. How does this drive towards smart cities in your perception?
  • Digitalization: Inevitable as it may seem, what will be the limits and boundaries towards building smart cities?
  • Sustainability: with the vast adaptation to changes brought by the ‘new normal’, demonstrate in clicks your perspective of a sustainable smart city.

The Congress organizers are pleased to invite you to register and submit your original photos that represent your personal take on each of the sub-theme, within the period stipulated in the submission timeline. Aspects of the built environment to be portrayed in your photos will be entirely up to you and your own exploration of the sub-theme.

Download Guidelines


Theme Prize
Mobility 3 winners of USD 100 each
Digitalization 3 winners of USD 100 each
Sustainability 3 winners of USD 100 each
Overall – Grand Winner 1 winner of USD 1000
1 Hard bound copy of the 24th PAQS Congress 2021 Commemorative Photo Book

Contest Duration

Theme Duration
Mobility 2 Jan — 28 Feb 2021
Digitalization 1 Apr — 31 May 2021
Sustainability 1 Jul — 31 Aug 2021







Participation to this photo competition is open to members of the organizations comprising the Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS; please see list below).

Each registered participant may submit a maximum of five (5) photos. If more than the maximum is received, they may be displayed but only the first five submissions shall be considered as official entries to this competition.

Organizations comprising the PAQS include the following:

  • Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (#ASAQS)
  • Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (#AIQS)
  • Building Surveyor’s Institute of Japan (#BSIJ)
  • Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (#CIQS)
  • China Cost Engineering Association (#CCEA)
  • Fiji Institute of Quantity Surveyors (#FIQS)
  • Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (#HKIS)
  • Ikatan Quantity Surveyors Indonesia (#IQSI)
  • Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka (#IQSSL)
  • Korea Institution of Quantity Surveyors (#KIQS)
  • New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (#NZIQS)
  • Pertubuhan Ukur Jurutera & Arkitek (#PUJA)
  • Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors, Inc. (#PICQS)
  • Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (#RISM)
  • Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (#SISV)


Participants are requested to register through the link.

Uploading of the entries through the official PAQS 2021 Community Facebook Page

Participants are requested to provide a title and suitable caption to each photo entry to help understand and align the image with the sub-theme. The same title and caption may be used for more than one entry provided they help understand the entries in the light of the sub-theme.

Participants are further requested to label each photo entry using the hashtags #PAQS2021Mobility, #PAQS2021Digitalization or #PAQS2021Sustainability.

Unless instructed to do so, entries that are submitted in a manner other than the above-prescribed mode may be displayed for viewing but will be excluded from the actual competition.

This photo contest shall begin and end on the dates as specified below:
Mobility: January 2, 2021 — February 28, 2021
Digitalization: April 1, 2021 — May 31, 2021
Sustainability: July 1, 2021 — August 31, 2021

All entries received outside these times and dates may be displayed for viewing but will be excluded from the actual competition.

Participants may use any photo equipment normally available and that they are most comfortable to use in order to express their own style and interpretation of the sub-theme.

Participants are requested to submit each photo as an original single-shot image file, in JPEG format, and in high quality resolution that is ready for publication. File sizes must be at least 5MB and should not exceed 15 MB. The longest side of the photo shall not be less that 2000 pixels and the quality shall not be less that 300 dpi.

Post capture editing is allowed provided that the editing does not affect the authenticity and/or genuineness of the photo.

Panoramic and multiple photos collated as one photo are not allowed. Photos that include identifiers and watermarks are not allowed.

Submissions which portray or depict inappropriate and/or offensive subjects and/or contents that are beyond the organizer’s mission and vision shall be disqualified.


By registering, the participants grant the organizers all rights to publication, dissemination, and use of the photos in a manner that is beneficial for the promotion of the Congress and the discipline of Quantity Surveying.

Furthermore, the participants confirm that their photo entries are their own original work, and the organizers are indemnified from any claim or liability arising from the use of their photos.


The panel of judges for this round shall be at the sole discretion of the organizers. The decision of the judges is final.

The selected entries and the winners of this round of the photo contest shall be announced at the latter part of the Congress.

All the winners will be notified through the email addresses provided at registration, and along with further guidance on how to claim/receive their respective prizes.

The photos will be judged based on the following criteria:
A. From the Panel of Judges : 40% of overall score
– Substance : 40%
– Relevance to the theme : 60%
B. From the Social Impact : 60% of overall score


There will be 3 winners for each sub-theme, winners will be awarded the following:
– USD 100

From the submitted official entries, one will be awarded as Grand Winner and will be awarded the following:
– USD 1000
– Hard bound copy of the 24th PAQS Congress 2021 Commemorative Photo Book